What has been going on....

Well, the answer to that is life, Covid, etc etc, but I am, back now for a bit.

There have been lots of changes to Raspberry Pi setup. Firstly I have gone from a jumble of 5 Raspberry PI's all over my desk to a really nice cluster case that now houses 4 of my now 6 RPI collection. I got a new RPI 4B 4Gb for my birthday along with a new RPI Cluster case and a 2TB SSD which makes a good Plex Media Server.

The cluster case is a ..... and houses

  1. Raspberry PI 1 - Running Email, VPN
  2. Raspberry PI 3B + 1Tb HDD - Running this website and a few others like my Alexa Skills
  3. Raspberry PI 3B + 70Gb HDD - Test Server for trying things out.
  4. Raspberry PI 4B 4GB + 2Tb SSD - My media server which run Plex, JellyFin and other media related apps

I also have a

  1. ClockPi - Raspberry PI 2 + 7" Touch screen display running Magic Mirror which displays clock, calendar, weather, pictures from my Plex Server and other stuff.
  2. Dev PI - Raspberry Pi 3B which is running my Alarm Clock project.

All Raspberry PI 3 and 4 are now running Raspberry PI OS 64 bit as well, and I can now build most of the configurations using bash scripts. There is raspiBackup on the servers as well to make sure that I do not lose any data.

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